Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday, Sept. 18, 2015

Finally some down time to add to the blog.  I've been out of commission for a couple of days.  Just overdid with weeding and fertilizing the perimeter trees and ended up with quite a sore knee and back.  But all seems better today.

Now some of the promised pictures.

Garden beds are finally weeded and ready for planting. We have planted seeds in little pots and when they are big enough we will transfer to the garden . . . probably in another week or two. 

These are the perimeter trees planted last year.  The plastic protection is coming off, the grass and weeds are being pulled, and a dose of fish emulsion fertilizer is being given.  This is the job that messed up my knee, since all the work is done on the ground on hands and knees!!

This is the infamous Miss Bebe.  She followed Terry all over the place last year and she misses him dreadfully!  She also has many interesting things to say. 

 Here is the male goat who lives in the paddock on the east side of the property.  He has a mate and she has just delivered two little kids.  Pictures to follow.

A picture from the balcony off Mike's office - these are the Port Hills just outside of Christchurch.  We had a very cold rain and sleet storm, but they got snow.

This is Heather's maidenhead fern.  Last year it was a tiny little thing and Heather and Terry celebrated each time it sent up a new sprout.  Look at it now!

Here is the promised picture of the alpaca who lives across the road.  He/she (not sure which) is one of three that live there.

This is a 'frizzle' chicken who lives across the road and down towards the mailboxes.l  Her feathers are always sticking out like that so she looks like she is standing is a strong wind!

Heather is finishing up this 1500 piece puzzle.  I did one corner and part of the sky and she did the rest.  I think I need to get my eyes checked!

A better picture of the puzzle.

 And here is the mama goat and her two kids. Here they are just one day old.  They spend a lot of time just sleeping in the sun.

Mike has purchased and installed a large water tank.  I will get some pictures and post those next time.